Feb 19, 2021    02:01:40


This week DJ sits down again with Ara Derderian of the HTguys Podcast.  Ara and DJ comment on the listener questions and comments as well as talk about this weeks Featured Theater the Collins Starlight Theater.  Then they just have a fun time hanging out and discussing some of the important Home Theater questions we all have...  
Do you need to calibrate your TV?  Do you need to calibrate your speakers?  If so, why?  Should it be done professionally?  Why and why not?  Do we need 8K over 4K?  What is more important, 4K or HDR?  Why did we open the car door for our wives/girlfriends?  All of that and more and believe it or not all you need to do is Push Play...

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๐Ÿฟ Movies & Scenes of the Week

Space Sweepers Netflix

wvbrew on Twitter
โ€œ@BrightSideHT OMG I HAVE ONLY WATCHED 12 minutes of this. This film is most agressive atmos use ever you want discrete sound effects there are more in 12 min of ghis movie than if you took 10 great atmos movies like Gravity and watched all 10 in full. Cheap movie amazing sound!โ€

Tron Legacy 

Graham Cole Twitter
โ€œ@BrightSideHT  Tron Legacy 29:25 at loud volume , elevator ride going up into the arena. With a loud cheering crowd it felt like a vertical 360ยฐ pan but this is all in my brain. Great bass, lots of nostalgic Tron sounds.โ€

Our Planet documentary on Netflix

Paul Stewart 
โ€œIt is in Atmos but the picture is beautiful especially the โ€œwaterโ€ episode. When the kingfisher dives into the water it is reference qualityโ€

Tenet 4k 

โ€œthe soundtrack is immense!โ€

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Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault Productions.

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