Comic Talk Headlines For February 8, 2019

Feb 08, 2019    00:20:01

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Lauren Cohan was talking to the Hollywood Reporter, and she implied that a Maggie spinoff series is possibly in the works over at

ABC President Karey Burke told the Television Critics Association that she wants to reboot 2 JJ Abrams series in Lost and Alias,

Batman's future may be in limbo to some degree, but Batwoman is make forward movement over on the CW. They have just cast their lead villain, Alice. The actress set to play her is Rachel Skarsten, who you may recognize from Wynona Earp, Reign, and 2012's Beauty
and the Beast series.

Let's move on to movie news with a promising update about the future of the MCU from Bob Iger. The Disney CEO recently said, during
the quarterly investor's conference call that he believes there is room in the Disney family for "R" rated movies like Deadpool.
Saying that they will just have to find a different way to market and brand such movies, so as to differentiate them from the regular
Disney family friendly fare.

Brian Michael Bendis told Twitter that he is still hard at work on the script for his Kitty Pryde solo movie.

Avengers: Endgame is making waves with test audiences. Joe Russo has revealed that the current cut of the movie runs around 3 hours
long. Which seems to be not such a bad thing according to multiple sources claiming there are some in the test audiences who are
risking kidney stones by refusing to get up to use the restroom until the movie finishes. As such Marvel is considering including
an intermission in the middle of the movie to alieviate the issue.

The potential for a David Fincher lead zombie movie may have just been squashed. Deadline is reporting that Paramount has canned the
project due to budget issues. At least they canned the current plan anyway, as there still seems to be an option to restart the
development process in order to bring down the cost.

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