Comic Talk Headlines For February 12, 2019

Feb 13, 2019    00:19:11

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Sorry for the delay on this one folks the delay is all Martin's fault. It's Tuesday (ok it's Wednesday but pretend) and time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Dustin, aka, Generally Nerdy! Catch up on everything that's happening in the world of comic books, movies and TV on Tuesdays and Fridays and be sure to subscribe to get fresh daily content.

Really the only movie news update for this episode that was worth talking about, that doesn't involve a blue abomination, or
the personal politics of Marvel actors is an update on A Quiet Place 2. According to Production Weekly production on the film is 
supposed to begin this summer.

And also a brief bit about the sequel to Aquaman. Deadline is reporting that WB has brought in David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick
to write the script for the movie. Johnson-McGoldrick is a long time collaborator of James Wan's and co-wrote the first Aquaman movie
with Will Beal.

And in TV news there is still MORE information coming out of the Television Critics Association Press Tour. This time is was Epix's
turn to present, and present they did. We got our first look at the new Pennyworth show that they have picked up. With official
confirmation that the show is a proper prequel to the Gotham series on Fox, as well as being a more "rated 'R'" take on the property.

Next up is Doom Patrol. Also coming from the TV Critics Association, Jeremy Carver, executive producer on the show, revealed that in
the first season of the Doom Patrol will include appearances from not only Danny the Street (which technically was revealed a few
weeks ago) but also Celsius, Lodestone, and the Beard Hunter.

Remember when prank phone calls were all the rage? Neither do I. But apparently Comedy Central hasn't got the memo that the art
of crank calls died with caller ID, because they are ordering a revival of their muppets turned jerky boys series Crank Yankers.
No announcement of when it will premiere, but the network has ordered 20 episodes.

Comedy Central ALSO will be starting another talk show. This time with less politics and more riffs on pop culture. The new show
sounds like it will be something more akin to the Tonight show, and will be hosted by David Spade

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