Comic Talk Headlines For March 9, 2019

Mar 09, 2019    00:21:06

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Cobra Kai
The YouTube Premium series will be making it’s sophomore debut on April 24.

With the now official demise of the series, is reporting on a new rumor that will see the Emerald Archer in the DCEU.

The Walking Dead
Lauren Cohen was on talk show Busy Tonight and apparently teased the return of her character, Maggie Rhee, to the zombie series. "I do, but I'm not done," Cohan said  when asked if she missed Maggie. "I'm not done. We're hoping we go back. Just trying to live in the unknowing."

Vampire Chronicles
Discussing Film claims to have an exclusive for the Anne Rice based series. The production is reportedly set to begin in Budapest this September.


The Suicide Squad
WB is apparently very excited about James Gunn’s reboot. After Gunn blasted out around 6 drafts of the script, they are jumping right into casting. And the first surprise from those discussions is Idris Elba as Will Smith’s replacement in the Deadshot role.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
The new addition to the Disney theme parks just got release dates. The DisneyLAND iteration in California will open May 31st, and June 10th at DisneyWORLD in FL. Each version seems to be about the same at both parks, and Iger is saying that the main ride attraction in the park is going to be the most advanced and technologically immersive ride the parks have ever seen.

The new James Gunn superhero as horror movie villain movie just got a new trailer. If you are unaware, this is kind of a take on Superman if he were the villain. Almost a Lex Luthor: Man of Steel thing, only it appears to only take place when the main character is a child.

Hello Kitty
Sanrio has signed the movie rights to New Line for the character’s first english language movie.

Mortal Kombat
According to That Hashtag Show, the powers that be behind the live action reboot for Mortal Kombat is looking to cast Joel Edgerton in the role of Kano. If you are wondering why that name sounds familiar it’s because he is in a lot of good movies recently. The Gift, Black Mass, Gringo, Bright… ok maybe that last one isn’t “really good.” This is pretty great, if true, though That Hashtag Show is still listing Cole Turner as being a character in the movie. Turner is a character made up for the movie, which seems to fly in the face of some of the things screenwriter Greg Russo has talked about on his social media.

Black Widow
That Hashtag Show is also reporting that Emma Watson is in talks to be the second female lead in the Scarlett Johanson movie. In a role that is being listed as a “kick ass female bond” type character.

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