Comic Talk Headlines For March 17, 2019

Mar 17, 2019    00:23:59

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 Deadline has word on some casting details from Titans season two. We talked before about how Deadshot and his daughter were going to be in season 2. Well we got our Slade Wilson. Reportedly Esai Morales of Caprica and Ozark fame, is going to be the Titans' foe.

Next up is one for the food nerds! Master Chef, and all around amazing guy, Jacques Pepin will be getting a Lifetime Achievement award at the Day time Emmy’s. Pepin will be the first culinary minded TV star to ever receive the honor, and it's about damn time!

Then, we have a little news coming out of the South by Southwest film festival. The pilot episode for NOS4A2 was shown to a small audience last week, and reports are coming out that the series, adapted from the Joe Hill book of the same name, will be a shared universe with the other Joe Hill series that has been trying to see the light of day for the last two years Locke and Key, AND IT will also have at least a passing reference in the shared universe as well. So they are including dad's book as well.

Shifting gears into movies, we got an announcement from Marvel about their first solo superhero movie based on an Asian protagonist. Shang-Chi will reportedly be directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. They already have a script, penned by Dave Callaham.

THEN, we finally got a date on the closing of the Fox/Disney merger. March 20th will be the day the $73.1 Billion deal finalizes. Mexico was the last hurdle, and they signed off on the deal just the other day... So does this mean we WILL see at least an X-Men easter egg in Endgame next month?

That's all well and good, but what does that mean for all the Fox Marvel movies that are still early in production? Well there is now word that  the potential awesome that is Noah Hawley's Dr. Doom movie is in development... kinda. The script has been recently finalized, according to the director, but with said impending merger is has now been placed on hold. Though, all hope is not lost, because Kevin Feige has reportedly talked with Hawley specifically about the project's existence.

Next up is an update from the other side of the world. China's first mainstream sci-fi movie, The Wandering Earth, is now that country's second highest grossing film. The movie did have a limited release stateside, so if you have the opportunity to check it out you should.

Then our last bit of movie news is a quickie bit from Sony's Deadshot. Word is coming through multiple sources that the Vin Diesel fronted movie that is due out next February will be the beginning of a 5 movie shared universe, utilizing the Valiant line of characters.

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