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Oct 17, 2016    05:33:06

What Did You Watch This Week

Welcome back, loyal listeners, to the latest episode of WDYWTW, and boy is it packed to the gunnels!  The boys had their hands full this week with all the shows they are enjoying as well as new and returning favorites.  The CW superhero lineup gets a full blanket of love now that Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow are back on the air, but do Mike and John really still love all 4 equally?  Also, the discussion gets deep and philisophical-ish surrounding the second episode of WestWorld, and whether murder and sex are evil with automatons.  Mike says "no thanks" to a few shows this week as he pulls the plug on them, and John does the same for a couple of different ones himself.  All this, plus a couple of new surprises and a big push from John for 2 shows, one of which he can barely describe, and a movie that truly moved Mike and his wife... to fall asleep!

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