Little Did He Know

Oct 24, 2016    05:03:56

What Did You Watch This Week

On the next exciting installment of the WDYWTW podcast, the guys dive even further into Westworld and talk about the new theories and twists that came about from the third episode.  Some ideas were proven wrong, while others now have a leg to stand on, and one is kinda out there enough that maybe it's true?  Also this week, Mike once again gives his "Pick of the Week" to a tried and true standard, while John hands the award on his end to a newcomer from the British Isles, and tells you all why you need to start watching!  Additionally, we crack open the nuts that are the ever growing lineup of DC superhero shows, reminisce hot summer days with This is Us, and talk about how Timeless is doing time travel vs how Frequency is handling it. All this and more on the ever indulgent What did you watch This week!

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