And There Stood A Woman

Jan 30, 2017    03:27:28

What Did You Watch This Week

Welcome back, loyal viewers, to the next installment of the Razzie Award cheering podcast!  In this week's episode, the guys get back to their form by digging in deeper to the shows they watched and discussing what made them cheer and what made them boo.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be a lot to boo about this week with the recent crop of DC Superhero shows, as well as Grimm still not getting back to form.  The boys did both agree that This is Us still continues to be wonderful tho, and Gotham was actually pretty damned good as well!  Also in this episode, John celebrates The Magicians and The Path returning, Mike follows Josh Gates in his investigation of the mystery disappearance of DB Cooper, and both of your hosts watched the premiere of Riverdale and had a lot of thoughts and feelings... Good?  Bad?  You'll just have to listen to find out!

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