Wearing A Dandelion Sun Dress

Feb 06, 2017    02:42:16

What Did You Watch This Week

Welcome back to the 47th astounding episode of What Did You Watch This Week, where Mike and John decided to take a break from chatting about shows this week, and instead devoted the whole episode to that nail-biter of a Superbowl!  And if you believe that's even close to the truth, you obviously don't understand this show at all! In reality, the boys spent some time poking holes in all of the DC universe shows (including the tepid-at-best Powerless that premiered this week) and put up with a number of other shows that felt like real weaksauce episodes like Grimm, Big Bang Theory, and Timeless.  In addition, Mike finally revisits Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who run, John talks about an older Sci Fi Channel miniseries called Tin Man, and he boys both take a big fleshy bite out of Santa Clarita Diet!

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