May 16, 2017    02:49:04


Welcome back loyal viewers, and welcome to all the new ones out there!  On this week's thrill packed episode of the #1 rated podcast among extroverted snails, Mike and John talk some serious talks about the shows they checked out this week... as is the standard fare for these armchair critics.  The main TV season is winding down, and so the boys are checking in with the ramp up to finales of their current shows, especially the current DC roster.  How does time travel work on Flash?  How does Teri Hatcher's plan mimic another amazing TV show from years ago?  How can Arrow possibly wrap up the flashbacks and yet not wrap them up at all?  Who is Bill Finger, and why is he on this list of DC related questions?  The answers to all these inquiries, plus banter about cancelled and renewed shows, Dr Who and Class talk, and a few movie reviews are all here for your viewing pleasure on the most recent episode of What Did You Watch This Week!  

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