Cause He Got Little Legs

May 22, 2017    03:31:46

What Did You Watch This Week

Welcome back, loyal miscreants and troublemakers, to another fun-filled romp through a week's worth of TV, movie, and other assorted entertainment revelries. On this week's not-ready-for-primetime episode, Mike and John dig into a very revealing and thought provoking episode of Doctor Who, they wax intellectual about Cat's return on Supergirl, and how the show really is better for having her, and they fish around in the muck of one of the "not the worst" episodes of Arrow this season (where the final minute or so was the best part of the show for a while now).  Mike brings us up to speed on Fargo, and what's happening in the perpetually white north, and John praises one of the coolest death scenes he's seen in recent memory on American Gods.  All this plus Flash talk, a bunch of news and trailers, and yes, a spoiler free(ish) discussion of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

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