Why Russians, Of Course!

Jul 03, 2017    01:48:22

What Did You Watch This Week

Happy Independence Day, loyal listeners, and thanks for your continued patronage of our simple, yet fun podcast!  On this week's episode, Mike and John revisit the bizarre world of Blood Drive and discover that even in an apocalypse, corporate America sucks the life out of everyone!  In addition, the guys take a trip backwards in their own time machines to talk about a few things they missed last week like the season finale of American Gods (John has some grumblings) and the latest episode of Orange is the New Black (Mike has some indifference).  Mike tells us about a new show he checked out from the BBC, and John makes another super hard sell for iZombie while discussing its final episode of the season.  All this plus, of course, an in-depth and super love-filled talk about the season finale to end all season finales (this year at least) Doctor Who!  Come on in and warm yourselves by the fire, grab your favorite drink, and listen to us ramble for a few hours!

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