The More There Is, The Less You See

Jul 10, 2017    01:31:04

What Did You Watch This Week

Greetings loyal watchers, and welcome to episode 68 of the podcast 4 out of 5 lemur doctors recommend for their friends who have upset stomachs!  It's been a thin week for shows and movies, but that didn't stop our boys from talking about the few things they did watch!  Mike brings us up to speed on the final episodes of this season of Orange is the New Black, and John talks about a (slightly) redeeming episode of Dark Matter.  The guys wax intellectual about death and dismemberment (and using intestines to siphon gasoline) one the first three episodes of Preacher from this season, and then speak frankly about a less than exciting movie they checked out together.  Note that John watched Spider-Man Homecoming this week, but due to its newness, the review is kept very spoiler free.  So come along and join us once again for some candid chatter and fun reviews!

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