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Every other week Aaron, Ronnie and Travis discuss the latest in the world of Aftershock Comics including news, events, interviews, solicitations, reviews and more! Shock the World!

Aftershock Central Podcast is hosted by Ronnie THE Barron and Travis Williams and produced by Ronnie THE Barron. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @aftershockpod, by sending us an e-mail.

Aftershock Central Podcast has released 122 episodes since launching on Jul 07, 2017

Ronnie and Jack are "too busy" to record an episode of Aftershock Central so Martin took it upon himself to talk Aftershock Comics with his Nerdy Legion Podcast cohost Nick Wetmore! Nick recently got a ton of Aftershock books on a Comixology sale and has been super excited about the books. Is Nick sold on the publisher or will he toss them to the trash bin? HINT: He loved them!

Martin is MIA again…. Work or BEK? We might never know. So Ronnie and Jack take the opportunity to set down and chat with comic book legend Phil Hester. The guys talk to Phil about everything from how he got into the business to pitching the idea of the new ongoing Blood Blister that comes out in January. They chat about Phil’s health issues over the past year, Ronnie seeing him at KC Planetcon and working with Warren Ellis on Shipwreck and everything in between! Be that fly on the wall and join in on a very fun and candid conversation. If you would like to follow Phil on twitter he is @philhester. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

Martin is on assigment finding the Black Eyed Kids hideout so Ronnie and Jack take over the Aftershock Central Podcast to talk about The Revisionist #5. Sure it may be a week late, but what does it matter when you can travel through time right? Don't forget to get in touch with us on Twitter, @jacksutherland, @ronbar316, @geekvine and of course @aftershockpod. Thanks for listening!

Welcome back to another episode of the Aftershock Central Podcast, your weekly source of Aftershock Comics news and reviews. This week, Jack, Martin and Ronnie sit down to talk about the recently announced books from Aftershock for 2017: Blood Blister and Pestilence. Of course, we also dive deep into the latest book releases by discussing Black Eyed Kids #7. Thanks for listening!

Welcome back to another episode of the Aftershock Central Podcast, your weekly source for Aftershock news, reviews and discussion! This week, Martin and Ronnie catch on the books by discussing Captain Kid #2 (sorry we missed last week!), Rough Riders #6 and of course, the first issue of the new Warren Ellis and Phil Hester book, Shipwreck #1. Which book will rise to the top of the heap? Tune in and find out! Plus, we share some details about what to expect from the Aftershock team at NYCC 2016 this weekend!

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