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Bright Side Home Theater has released 130 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2019

🍿This week DJ spent a lot of time in his theater.  Between bingeing 2 Netflix shows and watching 3 full movies its amazing he still made it to work. 

He Pushed Play on:
  • Netflix The Witcher
  • Netflix Dracula
  • Batman v Superman
  • Alita: Battle Angel in 3D
  • Brightburn

🍿NEW speakers for Christmas pretty much set the tone for this week.  The NHT's also help inspire a new format that seems a little more suited to DJ's personality. 
 With the new format this week DJ talked about:

🍿This is Bright Side Home Theater's first annual Christmas Eve tradition!  DJ sits down with his son Joe for their annual viewing of Die Hard from 1988.  After many years and many viewing this year the discussion is centered around this being their very first viewing of of Die Hard 30th Anniversary Edition in 4K Ultra HD.  They also talk about the DTS 5.1 mix and even work in a little discussion about the show Psych.  Just Push Play to check it all out...

🍿DJ loves Christmas and the Holiday season so this week he keeps the holiday spirit going with another holiday classic, Lethal Weapon from 1987.  He watched the Blu-ray release from 2006 and he talks about why he thinks it is a legit Christmas movie ('it's thin, anorexic"LOL) and then talks about some of the notable scenes.  A couple have to do with special effects and a few are picture or sound related.  

🍿Netflix NEW release 6 Underground starring Ryan Reynolds is a home theater owners dream and DJ couldn't wait to talk about it SPOILER FREE!

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