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DJ had a plan this week and was all set to sit down and break down a movie…   Then his ADD kicked in thanks to Jon Favreau hitting him in the Heart.  So DJ grabbed some clips and makes his case for which is more important, Sound or Video.  Listener Comments and Movies and Scenes follow.  Plus an update on what many of you may have been missing from the podcast.  Push Play to check it all out…

PODCAST Time Stamps
  • Sound v Video- 0:57
  • Listener Comments-  29:55
  • Movies & Scenes- 45:02

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.  It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

DJ makes lemons out of lemonade.  He dances in the rain.  This week DJ wanted to have some fun and talk about a movie about a hurricane (he explains why) and mother nature just had to chime in and disrupt the podcast.  So DJ just added the disruption to the podcast.  Then after all was said, done, recorded and edited DJ decided to add a little pillow talk to the end of the podcast too.  Just push play to check it all out.  Then, go Dance in the Rain.

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This was supposed to be an off week but DJ was pretty excited to talk about James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad so he’s doing a little double dipping.  DJ chats with John from The Bright Side Chat Podcast and the talk spoiler free and then spoilers plus a little bit about going back to the Theaters and why people may just stay home.  DJ also adds in a couple of little tweaks to make The Suicide Squad Home Theater Experience just a little better.  Then a few listener comments, Movies and Scenes and even a NEW Patreon Supporter!

Check Them out on YouTube too

PODCAST Time Stamps
The Suicide Squad Spoiler Free Review- 2:31
Chat with SPOILERS- 15:18
Listener Comments-  47:00
Movies and Scenes- 54:00

DJ Opens the show with some really exciting news. 
After that he goes back to 1980 to break down a Classic thriller about the U.S. Navy, Pearl Harbor and Time Travel! 
Then  listener comments and more.  
Just Push Play for some time travel U.S. Navy fun.  

PODCAST Time Stamps
  • Special Announcement- 2:13
  • Final Countdown Review - 4:18
  • Scene Reviews- 5:50
  • New Releases- 40:14
  • Movies and Scenes- 41:13
  • Listener Comments- 42:29

 And Check this out on YouTube as well

What a fun week!  Jeff from drops in to have a Home Theater Chat with DJ about what they think are the best Home Theater Experiences so far this year.  They came up with quite the diverse list too.  Plus listener comments and other fun Home Theater stuff.  So why don’t you stop reading this drivel and just Push Play…
Check them out on YouTube too!

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