Collecting Valiant

NEW take on the classic Valiant podcast. We talk collecting the comics, monthly sales numbers, and quite possibly we speculate on future books. Tune in and listen!

Collecting Valiant is hosted by D'Juan Hammonds , Justin Ehart and Jim Carlson and produced by Justin Ehart. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @collectingvaliant, by sending us an e-mail.

Collecting Valiant has released 10 episodes since launching on Mar 03, 2017

Do not say we did not warn you! This is by far the most explicit episode we have had. With less than 12 hours of knowledge under our belts, the Collecting Valiant Comics Podcast crew host Brian Wells and they talk about the ousting of Dinesh from Valiant. 

In this episode the Immortal Brothers debut a new segment, it is called "JC's Analytics." JC takes a look at the past few years of Valiant solicitations, and how the 1:50 and greater variants have been ramping up, and how current solicitations (all titles) have 1:50 variant. If you are a completionist, this will break down the costs associated with collecting all the solicit books only. We ask ourselves, is it even necessary? 

We also discuss the first eBay sale of Ninjak #0 NYCC Exclusive (Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe) Photo variant ($315) and the second eBay sale of ($355). Only one seller has copies of it, and the online community are speculating it is someone with the Valiant HQ's. We have no clue whom it might be, but we would love to know!

To lighten the mood, we read our latest reviews, and an email from Six Stars Skateboard Professional, Ruben Najera. 

The "Immortal Brothers" air their longest episode to date. Speculation on current books of course, and the debut of Collector's Corner. Secret Weapons 22 PDF talk comes up from eBay. Cleveland Steamer?!? Shadowman Penis Bookmarks?!? All topics are covered this episode, maybe even a little CBS Survivor talk mixed with some Doogie Howser, M.D...

Fellow Mega-Collector Brian Wells (@shadowsip) joins the gang, laughs ensue and tales of past comic conventions flow like beer from the golden bosom of... well, the guys have a good time regardless of what is going on during this episode. 

The guys are back with the Merchandise episode. The talk some of the goodies from NYCC 2017, and what books they are watching/buying/hoarding. Next episode, the guys have a special guest on.

The long awaited return of Collecting Valiant Comics Podcast!!! The boys are back with the largest announcement which is the Bloodshot Salvation #1 CVCP Exclusive. We talk about Harbinger Renegade 1:50's and ramble into the ether.

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