The Retro Reprise Podcast

Trip the light nostalgic on The Retro Reprise Podcast. Hosted by Adam S.L.(@RetroRepirse) a retro video game collector and enthusiast. Tune in Mondays as he discusses everything from music, the business, and the technology behind some of your favorite childhood video games with a little pop culture sprinkled in for fun. 

The Retro Reprise Podcast is hosted by Adam S.L. and produced by Adam S.L.. Support us on Patreon. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @retroreprise, by sending us an e-mail.

The Retro Reprise Podcast has released 12 episodes since launching on Jul 07, 2019

 Welcome to the second episode of Retro Reprise on Nerdy Legion. This week it's all about starting out in retro gaming. Have you had an interested in getting back to you childhood video games? This episode will be especially for you. Perhaps you're not sure if you want to start a collection. That's okay, Adam has a solution for you. No room to store a collection? Adam has you covered. Are you not sure how to start? Adam will give you all the options to make an educated decision on how to start. 

Welcome to the first episode of Retro Reprise on Nerdy Legion! This week Adam takes you on a musical journey comparing music from the NES released in North America against the FAMICOM the Japanese version of the same system. Join him as we discover the differences in technology that caused the two similarly constructed systems to sound vastly different. 

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