Timey Wimey Podcast Hour

“Timey Wimey Podcast Hour” is a monthly podcast were your hosts talk all about all versions of Doctor Who - the monsters, the doctors, the companions and wonderful toys and gadgets oh my! Nothing gets left out as each episode is only about an hour long and the hosts dive deep into the Whoverse. People assume that podcasting is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a nonlinear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. Tune in and find out what topic the guys talk about next!

Timey Wimey Podcast Hour is hosted by Shane Clark and produced by Shane Clark. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @timeywimeyhour, by sending us an e-mail.

Timey Wimey Podcast Hour has released 32 episodes since launching on Jan 01, 2018

This episode it's another watch a long!! Austin, Shane and Ronnie have so much fun doing the last one all three together, they decided to do another one. This time they big the grand daddy of them all. The Day of The Doctor, also known as the 50th anniversary special. The three talk, watch and laugh a long as the episode plays in the back ground. How good was John Hurt in this role? Why are you pointing those things? They're scientific instruments not water pistols!! We hope you enjoy the show as much as the guys did making it.

It's Easter Brunch. Jay joins Ronnie as they talk about many things this episode. What do you watch in between seasons of #DoctorWho? How could was John Hurt as the #WarDoctor ? The guys spend some time diving into this weeks regular episode. A watch a long The Day of The Doctor.

It's not a bonus episode but it is a watch a long! This time all three guys, Austin, Shane and Ronnie do a watch a long about one of the most talked about episodes on this podcast. Vincent and the Doctor. Season 5 episode 10 on the Amazon store. The guys crack wise while the show is playing in the background, but only so they won't get hit in the feels watching this episode. Austin plays on the google machine to prove Ronnie wrong. Then gets mad at the google machine when it proves Ronnie right. Watch or listen along... it will be fun for all!

In this Bonus episode we have Timey Wimey Brunch hour. Jay is back to talk some #DoctorWho with Ronnie. How did Jay actually get started watching Doctor Who? Why is it an global phenomenon within the last couple years? How about the Lost Epidsodes being remade into animated movies? The newest one being a Tom Baker one which you can find the trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBpmCZV6GAc

In this episode Austin, Shane and Ronnie talk about what they would say or talk to their Doctors or Companions of their choice. Austin takes point after that and talks about some episodes he recently watched and then starts his barrage of Doctor Who questions of his on to the older guys. What do you know, the crew actually stays on target this time and only tilting off course one or two times. Has to be a show record!

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