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Every other week, Martin, D'Juan, and Travis gather together to discuss the latest coming out of the Valiant Comics universe. No reviews, just hard core discussion on books that we love.

Valiant Central is hosted by Martin Ferretti , D'Juan Hammonds and Travis Williams and produced by Martin Ferretti. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @valiant_central, by sending us an e-mail.

Valiant Central has released 196 episodes since launching on Jan 01, 2015

D'Juan, Martin and Travis are back with a fresh new episode of the Valiant Central Podcast and they are ready for an all Bloodshot episode as the boys discuss the Bloodshot movie trailers, the latest issue of the Bloodshot series, and how the two and should not be related. Plus, Valiant 2020!

Martin flies solo once again for this episode but with a special guest as comic book legend, Paul Levitz, joins Martin this week to talk about his work on the recently announced The Visitor series! Martin is a huge Visitor fanboy so the two discuss some of the character changes, the new title's direction, how it differs from the original and more. Plus, Martin digs a little into the fountain of knowledge that is Mr. Levitz to get a little insight on how the industry has changed over the past few decades and his outlook on the current and future state of comics. Thanks for listening!

As the boys couldn't get together, Martin recorded a solo episode which is also being reposted on his own Comic Talk Today podcast. On this episode of the show, Martin discusses the recently announced Visitor titled by Paul Levitz and MJ Kim, before diving into a discussion of what the move of the Harbinger movie from Sony to Paramount really means for a potential Valiant Cinematic Universe. The full crew will be back together, next week.

The Valiant Central crew is back in full effect as D'Juan returns from his chicken wing sauce bath and boy is there a lot to discuss! In this episode, the boys discuss the impact of Fallen World on the world of 4002 which leads into a conversation on Valiant's publishing schedule, appeasing the hardcore fandom, and more. Plus, we had a chance to read Bloodshot #1 and so we give our first impressions on the book, of course, spoiler-free. Are we excited though? Heck yeah! Thanks for listening!

D;Juan is out this week but Martin and Travis are at it again and ready to talk some Valiant comics! In this episode, the boys begin by diving deep into the first issue of Doctor Mirage so, WARNING: spoilers ahead, before talking about the Bloodshot carbon fiber variant then diving into the first three issues of Psi-Lords! How awesome is Doctor Mirage? Is Martin still in love with Psi-Lords? How much hot wing sauce did D'Juan actually eat? All these questions and more will be answered on the latest episode of the Valiant Central Podcast!

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