What Did You Watch This Week

“What Did You Watch This Week?” is a weekly podcast were your hosts talk about the televisions shows, movies, and trailers that they watched this week. This encompasses not only new shows or movies but past favorites and re-runs they may have watched or even short runs series you can only find on Netflix, HULU or DVD.

What Did You Watch This Week is hosted by Michael Labbe and John Spier and produced by John Spier. Get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

What Did You Watch This Week has released 328 episodes since launching on Mar 03, 2016

This week the guys wrap up a couple of shows from their lists including Big Mouth and Alice in Borderland, as well as weighing in on whether HBO Max is worth it while discussing the downhill tumble of The Flight Attendant vs the stunning brilliance of Lovecraft Country.  They also cap things off with talk about the premiere of WandaVision!

This week, the guys went hardcore on the shows, and gobbled up so many episodes it's stunning!  This included going further down the rabbit hole in Lovecraft Country and The Flight Attendant, as well as high kicking though the entirety of Season 3 of Cobra Kai.  Come have a listen!

This week the guys went hard on some of their existing shows, doubling, or even quadrupling up on some episodes, and otherwise deep diving on the rest.  That also includes Mike finally watching the first 2 episodes of The Flight Attendant, and both guys starting in on the acclaimed Lovercraft Country.  They also finish off the episode by really looking at the holiday special episode of Doctor Who!

This week there isn't a ton to talk about, but the guys did dig into their new favorite shows, Sweet home and Alice in Borderland, as well as the fresh titles Soul and Wonder Woman 84.  Come take a listen!

This week the guys don't have a ton to talk about (yeah, we've all heard that before) but what they do have is all pretty great!  This includes the first episode of Sweet Home, the second episode of Alice in Borderland, as well as the season finale to end all season finales from The Mandalorian.  Don't worry, we give plenty of warning for the 3 people out there who haven't seen it yet!

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