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The Wrestling Insomniac is a show of nothing but WRESTLING! WRESTLING! WRESTLING! A show for the fans, by the fans of new, old, and everything in between of wrestling. A weekly wrestling podcast where the guys sit around the broadcast table and talk wrestling news, rumors and breakdown the wrestling shows and the big PPV’s.

The Wrestling Insomniac is hosted by Michael Labbe and produced by Michael Labbe. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

The Wrestling Insomniac has released 107 episodes since launching on Jul 07, 2017

For episode 138 Mike starts out solo talking about the upcoming Beyond, WrestleCon, NJPW at MSG, and JJSB P2 then Paul joins him to Discuss WrestleMania 35, Hall of Fame, and TakeOver!

Episode 137 Mike talks about going to New York in a couple weeks for WrestleCon, his second trip to Madison Square Garden, and everything else he and his friends are doing WrestleMania week.

Episode 136 was recorded on the road to and from Limitless Wrestling: Welcome to the Dance in Westbrook, Maine  Along with me is my buddy Alex.  We chat about his wrestling fandom an experiences going to shows and on the way home we talk about the show itself. 

Paul joins Mike once again, and this week we look back at the WWE Weekend of Wrestling featuring NXT Takeover Phoenix & the Royal Rumble.  We also chat a bit about New Japan and other wrestling and non-wrestling related nonsense. 

Mike talks about attending the Let's Wrestle Rumble in Orono, Maine from January 19, 2019.  The then breaks down his thoughts on the Royal Rumble Weekend of the WWE World Collide tournament, TakeOver, and of course the Royal Rumble itself.  He also gives his opinion on the New Japan Pro Wrestling USA New Beginning tour and the lack of Japanese wrestlers on the show. 

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