Comic Talk Headlines For March 1, 2019

Mar 01, 2019    00:21:49

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First up is the CW's The Flash. In recent leaked set pictures it appears that the latter half of the current season will introduce Godspeed,  a villain introduced into the Flash's rogue's gallery very recently in the "Rebirth" event. In a not so surprising turn, speaking of the CW, Warner Brothers is reportedly working on another new take on the Constantine property. The new series is said to be set to star Matt Ryan AGAIN. This would be the second series starring Ryan, the first happened in 2015 on NBC. Constantine has had guest appearances in the Legends of Tomorrow series, which is rumored along with Arrow to be on the way out. So this series could be moving in as a replacement, or it could be headed to the DC Universe app, though that seems less likely.

Next is another casting announcement for Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. Now I am not going to bother with every casting announcement I find, but this one seemed significant in that it is Nathan Lane who has just been cast for the series as an officer with the LAPD. Lane doesn't venture much into drama, so it will be interesting to see what he can bring to the prequel series.

Then we have a quickie Star Wars update from the Mandalorian. The Star Wars Show is reporting that the first season of the Disney+ series has officially wrapped.

Final TV spot comes from The Hollywood Reporter. It seems that Syfy is trying to be your go to place for comic book shows that don't come from the big two, as they have just put a series order on a pilot they green lit last year, Resident Alien. For those not in the know, Resident Alien is a Dark Horse comic created by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. The series will star Alan Tudyk as the lead, an alien named Harry who crash lands on Earth and then assumes the identity of a small town Colorado doctor.

Let's hit movies next. Collider is reporting that Rami Malek is in final negotiations to be the villain in the next Bond film.

Next is a sad note for the 90s kids. Nickelodeon has removed the movie reboot of Are You Afraid of the Dark? from their slate of 2019 releases. No word on a new release date, or if this will effect the mini-series that was set to air on the cable network in October in
conjunction with the movie.

The final Rambo movie, Last Blood, just received a release date of Sept 20, 2019. But do we REALLY believe this is the last?

And our last news piece this episode is a follow up on the Suicide Squad soft reboot. Before it was reported that Will Smith was the only other potential returning cast member. It would seem that he is not going to be making that return though. James Gunn's filming schedule apparently didn't align with Will Smith's needs, so he bowed out of the production. ALSO, that production is supposed to begin this September in Atlanta, with a release date of August 6, 2021.

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