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Bright Side Home Theater has released 319 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2019


Battle: Los Angeles in 4K on Kaleidescape & 1080P on Disc! 

  • How is the 1080P vs the 4K on Kaleidescape?
  • How is the DTS MA 5.1?
  • Is this a MUST OWN  for ANY Home Theater Nerd?

First up we start with a quick litt;le celebration of SHOW 300!
Followed by a few Boxes of Popcorn and a NEW Patreon Supporter!
Then get right into our Home Theater Experiences, 4K Releases, and Wrap Up with a few Listener Experiences!

Episode 1 of BSHT- Star Wars!

Jumping into the Way Back Machine to November 1st 2019.

Building to Episode 300 DJ thought it would be fun to hear how it all started 298 episodes ago.

So much Fun!
If you don’t believe it…
Push Play and Hear for yourself!


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 on Kaleidescape now! 
  • How is the 4K and HDR?
  • How is the Atmos?
  • How is this going to be in our Home Theaters on 4K Disc?

First up we start with a great Bright Side Home Theater question!
Then get into our Home Theater Experiences and Wrap Up 4K Releases!

It’s Take Over Tuesday where you the listener run the podcast.

And this week’s episode is featuring DJ!

Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
In an Emergency you go back to what got you here.

DJ was in the middle of recording with a VERY special guest and sometimes life gets in the way.  So DJ just stayed at the mic and Started Streaming and had a great time chatting with people and commenting on some Listener Comments.

So much Fun!
If you don’t believe it…
Push Play and Hear for yourself!


This is the first of hopefully many more LIVE Chats! 

Todd Anderson of joins DJ and they get into a lot of great Home Theater talk.  Everything from Reference Level to Trinnov to Infrasonic Subwoofers and oh so much more.  

All that and so much more!
“If you can’t laugh while talking Home Theater, you’re doing something wrong.”
Push Play and hear for yourself.

For even more go to Todd’s Website AV NIRVANA for more in depth articles and videos.
You can also check out AV Nirvana’s YouTube channel here AV NIRVANA - YouTube

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