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Bright Side Home Theater is hosted by DJ and produced by DJ. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @brightsideht, by sending us an e-mail.

Bright Side Home Theater has released 69 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2019

🍿This is a jam packed week!  DJ responds to some questions and also has a rant on the raging 5.1 vs "Atmos" debate.  There is also another great Featured Theater this week!  And of course DJ breaks down the holiday classic SHAZAM! in 4K.  Just push play to enjoy all the Holiday goodness.

🍿This week DJ is joined by Lee Overstreet from AV Rant to talk about Sci Fi in movies.  They get into Lee's likes and dislikes in Sci Fi and how different movies tackle the genre in different ways.  How Sci Fi has progressed over the years and in some cases maybe regressed too?  Plenty of Home Theater tangents as these two just chat away and have a blast just hanging out talking Home Theater.  To check out all that and so much more all you have to do is push play...

🍿The first show back after the Thankful on Infinte Podcast event and DJ still has plenty to be thankful for this week.  After a few comments and emails regarding that he gets to some listener comments and this weeks featured theater.  Then he gets into this weeks movie that he really enjoyed and needs to be seen to believed.  Just push play and see if you agree.  

Welcome to Thankful on Infinite Podcasts!

This is a 3-show, 6-man crossover event between the HT Guys, Ara & Braden from the HDTV & Home Theater Podcast, DJ from the Bright Side Home Theater Podcast, and Tom, Rob & Lee from AV Rant Podcast.

So much Home Theater goodness to get to...   Of course DJ is very excited ot talk about Thankful on Infinite Podcasts the HUGE Home Theater podcasting event coming next week but also he chats a little about the Mandalorian on Disney+ and of course the big news about Wonder Woman 1984 coming to HBO Max on Christmas Day along with the Theatrical release.  Plus another great theater to feature and a bunch of listener comments.  So much to get to and all ya gotta do is "push play"

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