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Bright Side Home Theater has released 81 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2019

DJ is joined again by Tom Andry of AV Rant & AV Gadgets website and this time they talk about the expected differences between the upcoming Snyder Cut and Joss Whedon's Justice League.  Opinions and tangents GALORE!  

And be sure to check out the entire podcast episode on YouTube by clicking HERE

A lot of fun and exciting stuff in this weeks Podcast!  DJ has some new and exciting Bright Side Home Theater news.  He goes on a little bit of a rant.  He points out a contradiction that is actually 100% accurate. And of course DJ breaks down the latest giant monster movie in our countdown to Godzilla vs Kong.  

This week DJ sits down again with Ara Derderian of the HTguys Podcast.  Ara and DJ comment on the listener questions and comments as well as talk about this weeks Featured Theater the Collins Starlight Theater.  Then they just have a fun time hanging out and discussing some of the important Home Theater questions we all have...  
Do you need to calibrate your TV?  Do you need to calibrate your speakers?  If so, why?  Should it be done professionally?  Why and why not?  Do we need 8K over 4K?  What is more important, 4K or HDR?  Why did we open the car door for our wives/girlfriends?  All of that and more and believe it or not all you need to do is Push Play...

What a big week!  This is the first Bright Side Home Theater Podcast that has a contest attached to it!  You will have to listen to find out who won but thank you and congratulations to GC for the hard work and attention to detail for winning the first Bright Side Contest!  But lets not bury the lead though, District 9 is a fantastic Home Theater movie and DJ's really excited to break it all down in the way that only he can.  Push Play.

This week DJ is joined by Jeff from the HD Report website to discuss The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring Part 2.  Before they break down the movie they have a great Home Theater conversation about Jeff's website, upcoming movies, the state of Physical Media, DJ answers a great Question from SVS and of course listener questions and comments.  

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