Missouri Swagger

Two writers--Dennis Hopeless and Cullen Bunn--mortal enemies who have banded together to talk about creating comic books and living in Missouri. What exactly is the definition of Missouri Swagger? We don't know, either. Let's figure it out together!

Missouri Swagger is hosted by Cullen Bunn , Dennis Hopeless and Kyle Strahm and produced by Ronnie THE Barron. Get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

Missouri Swagger has released 26 episodes since launching on Jul 07, 2018

In this episode the guys talk about being stuck at home, Dennis shares a recipe close to his heart, and Kyle enlightens us on the books he has been reading. All this and more on this episode of Missouri Swagger.

Cullen and Dennis are joined by artist Kyle Strahm to discuss Dennis' secret identity reveal, why it happened and what it means. Plus, favorite reality shows including "The Masked Singer", "America's Got Talent", Cullen goes keto, story time and more!

Dennis and Cullen are back to start Season 2 of Missouri Swagger with a bang! Well... technically, with and end. The two talk about writing endings of their long listing series or of series in general. Let the Frenemies games begin! Does Dennis talk about his hair? Does Cullen talk about his lack there of? Tune in to find out loyal listeners !

This is your Christmas episode of Missouri Swagger! Why is Dennis the Grinch? Dennis has a new Marvel book under his tree. Cullen has new punk vodoo rocker under his tree... What else is going on with the two moral enemies? Grab your eggnog.. and take a drink every time Dennis mentions his hair!

Dennis and Cullen are back! The guys take some speed round Q & A from fans who tweeted. Then the guys get caught up by chatting some.

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