Missouri Swagger

Two writers--Dennis Hopeless and Cullen Bunn--mortal enemies who have banded together to talk about creating comic books and living in Missouri. What exactly is the definition of Missouri Swagger? We don't know, either. Let's figure it out together!

Missouri Swagger is hosted by Cullen Bunn , Dennis Hopeless and Kyle Strahm and produced by Ronnie THE Barron. Get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

Missouri Swagger has released 26 episodes since launching on Jul 07, 2018

Dennis and Cullen are back! Both have been busy and been to some local small Cons. What have the guys been up to since the last we heard from both of them. 

This is the Halloween episode for Missouri Swagger. Dennis and Cullen talk about what they do during the Halloween season. 

New episode has Dennis and Cullen talking all about the comic writing process. Is it idea and hook or from own experience? Dennis reveals why he's always been the villain from 16 years old and on.

Cullen and Dennis discuss mental health, self care... and power tools?

Cullen and Dennis talk about their Cave Con experience, the ups and downs of running a convention...and candy bars. Now go get your Missouri Swagger T-shirts!

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