The Nerdgrounds

Jake and Blake sit down to discuss comics, video games, tv and movie characters and talk a little smack in between.

The Nerdgrounds is hosted by Blake and Beekeeper Jake and produced by Blake. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @nerdgrounds, by sending us an e-mail.

The Nerdgrounds has released 30 episodes since launching on Dec 12, 2018

Jake and Blake sit down once again to share their thoughts about the recent Mortal Kombat trailer and much more!

Jake and Blake are back to kick things off with everybody's favorite segment for the new year, Nerdgrounds' Drunk Trivia!!! Will Jake claim another Dub? Or does Blake emerge victorious this time around? There's only one way to find out. Drink along and see how you do!

Jake and Blake sit down to discuss their thoughts of the latest episode of the Mandalorian. 

Jake and Blake sit down to discuss the first episode of The Mandalorian. The duo talks about their impression of their first episode, and where it may have drawn some inspirations from, as well as official predictions for the rest of the season. 

Its been awhile since the boys have gotten together to record, they decided to this past week just to catch up. With some new added features to the podcast, the boys are back and ready to get back to it.

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