The Nerdgrounds

Jake and Blake sit down to discuss comics, video games, tv and movie characters and talk a little smack in between.

The Nerdgrounds is hosted by Blake and Beekeeper Jake and produced by Blake. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @nerdgrounds, by sending us an e-mail.

The Nerdgrounds has released 31 episodes since launching on Dec 12, 2018

Its been awhile since the boys have gotten together to record, they decided to this past week just to catch up. With some new added features to the podcast, the boys are back and ready to get back to it.

What started off as a very brief conversation about video games veered into one about cursed movie sets and the return of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix! 

Blake's home! For the second time now, Jake and Blake get to sit down live in person while Blake's home in California after completing his service in the Air Force. They discuss Jake's first experience playing on of Blake's favorite games, Dead by Daylight and the outcome of Jake's first two games; wrapping up the episode with a little bit of video game trivia!

Jake and  Blake sit down to discuss one of their  favorite battle scenarios, Global Threat! This round; Jake brings the galactically feared, globally reviled, universally despised Ivan Ooze to bestow his reign of  unparalleled terror upon the world once again. Blake doesn't have six angsty teenagers to save  the day though, instead he's got five felons fighting for their freedom; The Suicide Squad!  

Jake and Blake are back again, locked down in quarantine they sit down to discuss some of the scariest places in some of their favorite video games. Can you think of anywhere they left out?

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