Nerds From The Underground

Nerds From The Underground is an absolute celebration of all things indie! Mostly comics, but don't be surprised if the topics of music, movies, tv shows & anime get mentioned, with an evergrowing cast right now consisting of The Amazing Fred, Michael The Poet Heir, Nalo, Chaz & Johnny we aim to try & show you your next favorite comic! ENJOY YO XD

Nerds From The Underground is hosted by Johnny Alpha , Fred and Nalo and produced by Johnny Alpha. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @@nerdsfrom, by sending us an e-mail.

Nerds From The Underground has released 18 episodes since launching on Jan 01, 2020

In this brand spanking new Soviet episode Comrad Commander @Comics_Finance & Comrad Comandante @JohnnyAlpha81 takes you back in time to a Stalin era gulag with Road Of Bones written by Rich Douek & art by Alex Cormack then to the snowy hillsides of Russia during WWII with Sara by Garth Ennis & Steve Epting! Lots of crazy history & more than a little savagery! Buckel up for this one! XD 

The boy's are back with a total banger of an episode @poetheir33 & @chazsimons go in deep on Once And Future by Kieron GillenDan Mora then get emotional with Sentient by Jeff Lemire & Gabriel Walta! So dive on in & enjoy the ride! XD

In a blistering & bold new episode, @ComicsFred & JohnnyAlpha81 go deep into the grindhouse road Epic Death Or Glory by Rick Remender & Bengal they also go full-on medieval with Clan Killers by Sean Lewis & Antonio Fuso! This episode is a lot of fun & full of laughs! CHECK IT OUT XD

In a bit of a more laid back episode, we get to know @poetheir33 a bit better as Michael & JohnnyAlpha81 dive deep into meany nerdy realms such as anime, manga, movies, music & of course comics! Johnny also learns some odd random Green Lantern lore! good stuff CHECK IT OUT! XD

Brand new episode with an exciting new co-host @chazsimons joins the show as @poetheir33 & Chaz dive deep into 2 amazing books first up is Global Frequency written by god himself Warren Ellis & drawn by a slew of just amazing talent! Then the boys go undercover talking Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips immortal masterpiece The Fadeout! This episode is fire & hey even Takashi Miike gets a shout out in it! XD

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