Nerds From The Underground

Nerds From The Underground is an absolute celebration of all things indie! Mostly comics, but don't be surprised if the topics of music, movies, tv shows & anime get mentioned, with an evergrowing cast right now consisting of The Amazing Fred, Michael The Poet Heir, Nalo, Chaz & Johnny we aim to try & show you your next favorite comic! ENJOY YO XD

Nerds From The Underground is hosted by Johnny Alpha , Fred and Nalo and produced by Johnny Alpha. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @nerdsfrom, by sending us an e-mail.

Nerds From The Underground has released 31 episodes since launching on Jan 01, 2020

In an all-new, fun action-packed episode @poetheir33 & @chazsimons dive deep into some body horror epicness first with Cloven by Garth Stein & Matthew Southworth! Then get brutal with Panorama by Michel Fiffe, join us as they talk about 2 comics no one should miss in an episode no one should miss 

In a creepy-crawly squirming in the darkness, Strange Fiction special episode @Comics_Finance & @JohnnyAlpha81 takes you on a twisted trip of cosmic horror with The Courtyard by the great madman himself Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows! Then take a second dive into madness with Nameless by Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham the ancient old ones are angry! Listen to this episode it may be your only hope! XD

So, this is it! The pinnacle of Nerds From The Underground so far! All our characters in this anime have leveled up & this is our more evolved form! In an extra-long put punch of an episode, @poetheir33 @chazsimons & @JohnnyAlpha81 take the ultimate adventure thru anime, our love for certain shows, & even our origin stories about how we became weebs! Buckel up check it out & enjoy XD

In a new episode getting to know @chazsimons more as @poetheir33 takes us down the avenues & alleyways of Chaz! as they talk comics, movies, anime & I think music maybe? LOL XD 

In an all-new, all or nothing, life or death episode @ComicsFred & @JohnnyAlpha81 stop playing nice & go full-on Captain Caveman on the Netflix movie Extraction based on the Oni Press graphic novel Ciudad! Then they get fully lit up with Killadelphia by Rodney Barnes & Jason Shawn Alexander, this is the kind of show your parents always warned you about, so dive in & enjoy yo! XD

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