What Did You Watch This Week

“What Did You Watch This Week?” is a weekly podcast were your hosts talk about the televisions shows, movies, and trailers that they watched this week. This encompasses not only new shows or movies but past favorites and re-runs they may have watched or even short runs series you can only find on Netflix, HULU or DVD.

What Did You Watch This Week is hosted by Michael Labbe and John Spier and produced by John Spier. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

What Did You Watch This Week has released 196 episodes since launching on Jul 07, 2017

This week our entire focus is on the Fall 2019 TV schedule.  When shows return, what new ones we care about, and how excited we are to get back to watching a ton of stuff every week.  We also digress quite a bit thanks to a steady stream of interruptions from Mike's family, and discussions of new jobs and what that means for watching abilities.  

This week the guys do their best to focus on the show despite both having brand new Galaxy Watches to play with!  Despite this technological distraction, they still manage to talk about some things and stuff such as the penultimate episode of The InBetween and the entire 3rd season of GLOW!

This week John talks about a lot of season/series finales he checked out including iZombie, Euphoria and Agents of SHIELD, and Mike talks about a documentary he checked out about Star Wars.  In big news, both guys have watched all the episodes of The Boys on Amazon, and have some strong feelings (Mike has read all the books, John hasn't read a single one...yet!)

This week John and Mike talk about the first 2 episodes of The Boys, but don't get too deep because that's being saved for next week.  Instead they dive deep into the Netflix original series Another Life starring Katee Sackhoff and a seemingly limitless crew of misfit 20-somethings!  Did they like it?  Did they hate it?  You'll have to listen to find out!

This week things go a bit off the rails... and then they go really off the rails.  In between though, we talk in depth about everything that was revealed during Comic Con 2019, including all the Marvel news, updates on the DC TV universe, and our absolute favorite news:  Picard!

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