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Every other week Aaron, Ronnie and Travis discuss the latest in the world of Aftershock Comics including news, events, interviews, solicitations, reviews and more! Shock the World!

Aftershock Central Podcast is hosted by Ronnie THE Barron and Travis Williams and produced by Ronnie THE Barron. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @aftershockpod, by sending us an e-mail.

Aftershock Central Podcast has released 115 episodes since launching on Jul 07, 2017

Martin and Travis return for yet another week of fresh Aftershock content as we dive deep into Orphan Age #5! Is this the end of the series, or just another beginning? Plus, at long last the dynamic duo talk about Shock Volume 2 in particular stories by Marguerite Bennet, Frank Tieri, Cullen Bunn, Joe Pruitt and Ray Fawkes. Will volume 2's quality outperform the first volume of this anthology book? Tune in and find out!

Martin and Travis are back to discuss the latest batch of Aftershock releases. In this episode, the dynamic duo discusses Babyteeth #15 and Descendent #4. We'll be back next week to discuss Orphan Age #5 and finally dive into Shock Vol. 2. Thanks for listening!

It's a jam-packed episode as Martin returns from his month-long hiatus and is joined by Travis to discuss the past two weeks of Aftershock titles. In this episode, the boys discuss Dark Red #5, Killer Groove #3, A Walk Through Hell #12, a brief discussion of The Last Space Race #5, and finally a brand new book in Knights Temporal #1! Thanks for listening!

Ronnie and Travis are back to talk latest news as well as 4 books this week.
Oberon, Mary Shelley Monster Hunter, Orphan Age and Animosity.

This week Ronnie and Travis sit down with Cullen Bunn to talk about the writing process, pitch ideas and what's new coming out in the AfterShock world for him. No reviews, no Martin means just deep diving comic talk of all kinds. Plus Cullen talks about a kickstarter he's apart of called Graveyard Slaughter. Still time to go back it!

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