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Every other week Martin, Ronnie and Travis discuss the latest in the world of Aftershock Comics including news, events, interviews, solicitations, reviews and more! Shock the World!

Aftershock Central Podcast is hosted by Martin Ferretti , Ronnie THE Barron and Travis Williams and produced by Martin Ferretti. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @aftershockpod, by sending us an e-mail.

Aftershock Central Podcast has released 101 episodes since launching on Jul 07, 2017

Ronnie and Martin return for the second episode of the week to catch up on all the latest releases from Aftershock Comics. In this episode, the boys discuss Volition #2, Hot Lunch Special #2, and Moth and Whisper #1! 

On this week's Aftershock Central Podcast, we catch up on last week's books! Join Martin and Travis as they dive deep into Clankillers #3, Dark Ark #10, Pestilence: A Story Of Satan #4 and Relay #3 with some CRAZY theories that you'll have to hear to believe. We'll be back in a few days to discuss this week's new releases. 

Join Martin and Travis this week as they dive deep into this week's books which include Brothers Dracul #5, A Walk Through Hell #4 and Beyonders #1! Does Brothers Dracul give us the answer we were looking for or does it raise more questions as to the fate of Vlad and Radu? Is something more sinister going on in A Walk Through Hell than we've been lead to believe? Can Martin stop talking about all the conspiracy theories present in Beyonds? And where the hell is Ronnie? All these questions are answered, on an all new Aftershock Central Podcast. 

The boys are back with a full Voltron once again and ready to talk about Aftershock Comics! This week, Ronnie, Martin, and Travis dive into the recent announcement that Aftershock will be making their first issues fully returnable to retailers and why that's a good thing. Then, the boys discuss the latest batch of books including Volition #1, The Lost City Explorers #3, and Babyteeth #12. No new books next week so we'll be back in two weeks!

Ronnie is MIA this week but Martin and Travis hold down the fort and discuss all the books that came out this week - and what a week it was! On the docket today,  Animosity: Evolution #7, Clankillers #2, Her Infernal Descent #4, Relay #2 and the debut issue of Hot Lunch Special!

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