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We really had a great time talking Captain Marvel. Talked a little Grim Knight, Darth Vader and other fun comic book store chat as well... THANKS FOR LISTENING! 0:00- Spoiler free chat 17:20- Weekly Comic Update 29:25- Recommended Reading 45:50- Captain Marvel with SPOILERS Speculator’s Corner Batman Who Laughs Grim Knight #1 Dell'Otto variant Catwoman #9 Artgerm variant BACK ISSUE BONUS Giant Size Conan #1 and Conan #58 Hulk (2008) #16 Fantastic Four (1961) #65 Giant Size Ms. Marvel #1 FOC DC – Variant Covers Catwoman #10 Artgerm variant Detective #1001 David Finch Red Hood #33 Lucio Parillo Wonder Woman #68 Kaare Andrews New Series Image – Fairlady #1 (2 covers) Marvel – Variant Covers War of the Realms #2 New Series Symbiote Spider-Man #1 (multiple covers. Artgerm variant) War of the Realms: Journey into Mystery #1 (Multiple covers) War of the Realms: War Scrolls #1 (Multiple covers) Recommended Reading LITTLE BIRD #1 (OF 5) IMAGE COMICS (W) Darcy Van Poelgeest (A) Ian Bertram (CA) Tradd Moore GOON #1 ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS (W/A/CA) Eric Powell CALAMITY KATE #1 DARK HORSE COMICS (W) Magdalene Visaggio (A) Corin Howell AVENGERS FOREVER Trade Paperback MARVEL (W) Kurt Busiek (A) Carlos Pacheco

This week DJ and John have a special guest Meg, DJ's daughter, to talk about women in comics. The Writers, artists, characters, the fans and the perception that a comic book store can be intimidating. Speculator’s Corner Harley Quinn #59 Chew variant Conan The Barbarian #4 Immortal Hulk #14 God of Bad Men #2 Ronin Island #1 Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal #1 BACK ISSUE BONUS Old Lady Harley #5 Naomi #1 (DC 2019) FOC DC – Variant Covers Batman #68 Francesco Mattina Green Lantern #6 Lucio Parillo Harley Quinn #60 Frank Cho Marvel – Variant Covers New Series Major X #1 Dynamite – Xena, Warrior Princess (Multiple cover options) Recommended Reading COSMIC GHOST RIDER DESTROYS MARVEL HISTORY #1 (OF 6) MARVEL COMICS (W) Paul Scheer, Nick Giovannetti (A) Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Gerardo Zaffino RONIN ISLAND #1 MAIN BOOM! STUDIOS (W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Giannis Milonogiannis MORNING IN AMERICA ONI PRESS (W) Magdalene Visaggio (A) Claudia Aguirre SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN DYNAMITE (W) Christopher Hastings (A) David Hahn

Issue #21: Captain Marvel Preview by Hosts John & DJ hanging out in a comic book store talking all things comics.

‪In ISSUE 20 we update this week’s variant covers and recommended reading then we go pretty heavy into DC and their comics. What’s going on with their Black Label & a few other topics as well. ‬ ISSUE 20 COMIC ROUNDUP SPECULATIONS 1. Nightwing #57 Dekal variant 2. High Level #1 Mattina variant 3. Avengers #15 Parel variant 4. Venom #11 Gibbons variant 5. Love Romances #1 Dauterman Young Guns variant 6. Appalachian Apocalypse #2 7. Knights of the Golden Sun #4 BACK ISSUE BONUS 1. Umbrella Academy 2. Rai #0 - First Bloodshot 3. Tales of Suspense #52 - First Black Widow FINAL ORDER CUTOFF (FOC) for 2/25/19 Marvel – Variant Covers 1. Avengers #17 Garbett Spidey Villains 2. Immortal Hulk #15 Alex Ross (Gated but easy to meet eligibility) New Series 1. Spider-Man City at War #1 2. Spider-Man Life Story #1 (of 6) 3. War of the Realms #1 (of 6) Aftershock – Dark Red #1 Zenescope – Gretel #1 RECOMMENDED READING 1. STRONGHOLD #1 AFTERSHOCK COMICS (W) Phil Hester (A/CA) Ryan Kelly 2. INCURSION #1 (OF 4) VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC (W) Andy Diggle, Alex Paknadel (A/CA) Doug Braithwaite 3. Darth Vader 2nd Series. (W)Charles Soule (A) Guisepe Camuncoli 4. BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 1 & 2 (W) James Tynion IV (A) Freddie E Williams II

‪In ISSUE 19 we do our best to keep a Valentines Day theme while updating you on this week in comics and chatting about the animated features Death of Superman and Reign of Supermen. ‬ ISSUE 19 COMIC ROUNDUP SPECULATIONS 1. God of Bad Men #1 - From Amigo Comics BACK ISSUE BONUS 1. Showcase #79 - First Dolphin 2. Aquaman (New 52) #1 - First The Trench 3. Detective Comics #854 - First Alice 4. Motor Girl #1 5. Tigra - Giant Size Creatures #1 6. Howard the Duck - Adventures Into Fear #19 7. M.O.D.O.K. - Tales of Suspense #94 8. Hit Monkey - Hit Monkey #1 9. Dazzler - Uncanny X-Men #130 FINAL ORDER CUTOFF (FOC) for 2/4/19 DC – Variant Covers 1. Detective Comics #1000 – Regular, blank and 10 decades covers. $9.99 ea New Series 1. Batman who Laughs the Grim Knight #1 – Regular, blank and Gabriel Del Otto variant Marvel – Variant Covers 1. Spider Gwen Ghost Spider #6 2. X-23 #10 Inhuyk Lee New Series 1. Age of Conan Belit #1 (of 5) – Various covers 2. AGE OF X-MAN APOCALYPSE AND X-TRACTS #1 (OF 5) – Various covers. 3. Magnificent Ms. Marvel – Various covers RECOMMENDED READING 1. WONDER TWINS #1 (OF 6) DC COMICS (W) Mark Russell (A/CA) Stephen Byrne 2. SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #1 MARVEL COMICS (W) Gerry Duggan (A) Ron Garney (CA) Alex Ross 3. BATMAN VOL 7 THE WEDDING (W) Tom King (A) Mikel Janin, Tony S. Daniel, Clay Mann 4. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN RENEW YOUR VOWS VOL 1 (W) Dan Slott (A) Adam Kubert, Scott Hanna

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