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Arkham Comics and Games has NO POWER!  There's a raging hurricane storming its way through Houston Texas!  But neither of those or a complete lack of podcasting skill will keep these boys from getting the comic book store feel out to you.  John and DJ have a great time talking all the latest Comic news, speculator books, books they've read this week and shows they've watched.  Just a good all around Comic Book Store Chat.   So be a fly on the wall for a little while and hang out with the guys at Arkham Comics and Games!
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The Ole Gun To The Head Episode...  John and DJ couldn't decide which was the bigger show piece this week
  • Marvel's Shang-Chi
  • Dynamite's Red Sonja #1 
  • AWA's Telepaths #1
But actually they did! You're going to have to listen to the episode to find out which one they picked.  And a free Coke to whoever lets us know first. (Coke not Included)

John and DJ have another great time in Arkham Comics and Games and as they say in the show this week no one really reads these show notes anyway so why do we go to all this trouble coming up with new and creative ways to describe what people just want to listen to anyway.  If people wanted to read what we say we would put out a blog every week and not an audio and video podcast.  So if you've read this far congratulations, John will probably buy you a Coke.  (Coke not included)

I don't think these two have had this much fun together in a while.  After a Sub stack rant to open the show DJ cheers John up with a sound bite from last week and then they really get going.  Including but not limited to John having a bone to pick with DJ around the 1hr 29min mark.  Lets just say John ended up a little red in the face.  But what a fun time and lots of comics and comic book fun.

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John and DJ are excited this week!  They get to chat about TITANS!  WHAT IF...! And THE BAD BATCH!  And if that wasnt enough something has DJ all hot under the collar!  You just need to get into the store to hear all the excitement....

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