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The Bright Side Comics Chat is hosted by John and DJ and produced by DJ. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @BrightSide_Chat, by sending us an e-mail.

The Bright Side Comics Chat has released 236 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2018

John and DJ start of with a funny trip down memory lane but then get to plenty of news before featuring THREE fantastic books this week.  Lots of great comic books store chat and here's the time stamps so you can jump around...
๐ŸŽ’Show Minutes 
Bright Side News- 15:35
Speculatorโ€™s Corner- 31:02
Back Issue Bonus-  39:40
FOC-  46:56 
Check Out- 51:29
Reel World-  1:14:59
The Bad Batch - 1:30:06 
Kryptonite Key Club: Bad Batch Ep 5 -  1:35:53

And be sure to check them out on YouTube too

John and DJ are back at Arkham Comics and Games!  News this week includes a Kraven the Hunter discussion and how it could impact some future books.  Lots of great deals in Speculator Corner for this weeks books and Check Out features a knock down drag out battle over the show title.  Plus Reel World discussions including Mare Of Easttown and Netflix' Lucifer.  Don't forget to hang around for Kryptonite Key Club where DJ has been waiting all week to ask John a Bad Batch question which he quickly answers and dismisses.  Check out all this and more over on YouTube

John and DJ are back at Arkham Comics and Games after a brief hiatus and they have lots to talk about.  Open up with breaking news and a big announcement then get to some Star Wars chat as the boys take stroll down memory lane.  Lots of great Comic News to talk about, PLENTY of books to read and even make you "a little cake" too.  Listen closely for a very special appearance from our old friend Dr. Joe as he pumps up The Bright Side Chat on his show TLDR. All you gotta do is step into the store...

And don't forget to check us out on YouTube too

DJ has a Quick Message for our Listeners

John and DJ hanging out at Arkham Comics & Games and they have a bunch of great comics to talk about in Speculator, Back Issue Bonus, FOC and Checkout.  Plus if your interested in some comic tie in to The Bad Batch on Disney+ be sure to check out Kryptonite Key Club where they talk spoilers and what to read regarding the Bad Batch.  Head on into the store...
And be sure to check them out on YouTube too.

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