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John & DJ positively speaking about Comics & Comic inspired Movies & TV since 1988! Negative is easy. Dare to be Positive. Get your πŸŽ’ Bright Side merchandise today!

The Bright Side Comics Chat is hosted by John and DJ and produced by DJ. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @BrightSide_Chat, by sending us an e-mail.

The Bright Side Comics Chat has released 288 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2018

DJ and John are back! Issue three has DJ getting a little excited about surround sound and John gets really jazzed up about Kevin Smith's movie Tusk. And in the middle they delve into Issue 1 of Batman: Damned and the controversy surrounding it. Spoiler free to start...

This week while talking all things comics, movies, TV and a little Thor: The Dark World DJ and John accidentally talk POLITICS?? Whoops!!

πŸŽ’This week DJ and John talk about their experiences with Star Wars and share why they think Solo: A Star Wars Story is a pretty good movie.

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