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John and DJ talk about a bunch of new comics for this week and the variant covers. All the covers are listed below Speculator Roundup BACK ISSUE BONUS Special Marvel Edition #15 Amazing Fantasy (2004) #1 Black Hammer #8 - New Avengers #11 & #27 FOC DC – Variant Covers Aquaman #44 Rafael Albuquerque Batman #63 Tony S. Daniel Batman Who Laughs #2 Ben Oliver Catwoman #7 Ben Oliver * Detective #996 Brian Stelfreeze Flash #62 Jae Lee JL #16 Will Conrad JL Dark #7 Kelley Jones Red Hood #30 Phillip Tan Suicide Squad #50 Mattina ** Supergirl #26 Stanley Lau ** Superman #7 David Finch Titans #33 Tyler Kirkham * Wonder Woman #62 Matteo Scalera New Series Naomi #1 Brian Michael Bendis IDW - New Series Marvel Action Black Panther #1 Marvel – Variant Covers ASM #13 Noto 80th Captain America #7 Noto 80th Fantastic Four #6 Noto 80th Venom #10 Noto 80th Black Panther #8 GotG variant Immortal Hulk #12 GotG Variant Conan #2 Luppachino Variant New Series Crypt of Shadows #1 Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Invaders #1 Marvel Comics Presents #1 Recommended Reading – BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 (OF 6) DC COMICS GODDESS MODE #1 (MR) DC COMICS MILES MORALES SPIDER-MAN #1 MARVEL COMICS

DJ is excited and John not so much... as they talk about the Avengers Endgame trailer and a little about whats to come in April.

Another week of just two guys hanging out in a comic book store talking all things comics spoiler free for the first 1 hr 22min. This week they talk Titans, the DCUniverse, Arrow, Capt Marvel, a little Avengers 4 and more... Speculator Roundup BACK ISSUE BONUS Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #0 Ultimate Fallout #4 Infinite Crisis #5 FOC DC – Variant Covers Batman #62 Frank Miller Deathstroke #39 Dave Johnson Green Arrow #48 Neal Adams Green Lantern #3 Jae Lee Harley Quinn #57 Julian Tedesco Justice League #15 Will Conrad Martian Manhunter #2 Josh Middleton * Nightwing #46 Otto Shmidt New Series Young Justice #1 Regular cover, blank cover and 1 for each character. All OTO Marvel – Variant Covers Avengers #12 Noto 80th Spider-Gwen #4 GotG variant Thor #9 Noto 80th X-23 #8 GotG variant New Series Captain Marvel #1 Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 Star Wars AOR Jango Fett #1 Dynamite Comics – New Series Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #1 Multiple variant covers Turok #1 Multiple variant covers Zenescope – Variant Covers Grimm Fairy Tales #25 Multiple variant covers Recommended Reading Image Comics – Prodigy #1 (W) Mark Millar (A) Rafeal Albuquerque Boom – Wizard Beach #1 of 5 (W) Shaun Simon (A) Conor Nolan

This week DJ and John just talk comics spoiler free for the whole Issue. Topics like Tusk, DC Universe, Aquaman, Into The Spider Verse, Venom and many others. And as always here is the list of the latest comics: Monday 12/3/18 FOC DC – Variant Covers Batgirl #30 Joshua Middleton ** Detective Comics #995 Mark Brooks Flash #61 Derrick Chew * Justice League Odyssey #4 Terry and Rachel Dodson * Wonder Woman #61 Jenny Frisson ** Marvel – Variant Covers Deadpool #8 Jamal Campbell GotG Immortal Hulk #11 Noto 80th New Series Conan the Barbarian #1 – Multiple cover options. Not all OTO. Back at Marvel after 10+ years at Dynamite. Man Without Fear #1 of 4 – Hell’s Kitchen without D.D through the eyes of support characters. Connecting variant only OTO Scout comics – Stabbity Ever After One shot Recommended Reading – Image Comics - Warning #1 Created, written and drawn by Edward Laroche IDW/Marvel Comics – Marvel Action Spider-Man #1 Writer Delilah Dawson Artist Fico Ossio

In Issue 7 DJ and John start off talking about Stan Lee and a little about what he meant to them. Then after the comic book news they get into the new Amazing Spider-Man comic issue's 1-5. This issue is spoiler free until the 1hr and 1min mark. 

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