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🍿This week DJ talks about the first great Spider-Man movie.  In 2002 Spider-Man fans were wowed by the special effects and the Wall Crawler swinging around New York but does it hold up today?  Did it get a proper 4K treatment?  Does the Atmos make you jump out of your seat?  All this and listener comments and questions as well.  

🍿Lots to get to this week! SPOILER FREE for the first 34:39 where DJ talks about Physical vs Streaming, AppleTV vs Roku, Listener Tweets and Emails and how he ended up down this Physical v Streaming rabbit hole again.  Then he gets into all the great scene's from Bloodshot and how they looked and sounded in 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos.

This was a busy week in DJ's Home Theater.  First DJ responds to some of the listener feedback from Twitter and Email.  Then he gets into all of these movies: 

  • MINE 9
  • Netflix Original EXTRACTION

🍿Before DJ talks about Cliffhanger in 4K he touches on a few other things he watched this week.  He is making his way through the Underworld Saga and watched Rise of the Lycans.  He tells you about the surround sound experience from Castlevania on Netflix.  He quickly makes a recommendation about getting Blade in 4K.  And finally, no week would be complete without a Star Wars reference.

🍿This week DJ is again joined by his buddy and co-host from The Bright Side Chat Podcast to finish up talking about their experience with the box set Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.  Before the get into that they talk about some listener Tweets and DJ has a pretty big "Home Theater Milestone" that he is really excited about.  

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