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🍿Before DJ gets to Rogue One in 4K he talks about his busy week in his theater.  Most of the week was fun with only one pretty big disappointment.  He also talks about some listener tweets and comments as well as one of his favorite TV shows that inspired a movie this week.   
The list of movies for this week:
  • Iron Eagle (HD Download from Amazon Prime)
  • Underworld 4K
  • Underworld Evolution 1080p
  • Deadpool 4K
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K

🍿This week DJ is joined by his buddy and co-host from The Bright Side Chat Podcast, John to talk about the new Star Wars Saga box set from Best Buy.  First they talk about John's Home Theater set up and a little of their home Theater history.  Then they go to the Best Buy parking lot for the pick up, go through their "un-boxings" and then all the way into their in theater experiences with their first 4K discs of this Saga.  


🍿Before DJ talks about the Home Theater experience of 1917 in 4K he has a few listener questions and comments to talk about.  Also this week he talks about Bloodshot and what it was like seeing it at home right after seeing it in the theater, a first for him.  DJ actually has a question on how he can spend more money on Bloodshot too, maybe you can help.  

🍿DJ talks about his first week in "isolation".  He issues a public apology.  Talks a little Netflix streaming.  Then he gets into Zombieland and Zombieland Double Tap and his perception of  IMAX Enhanced and any differences or advantages.  
Plus a few listener comments and maybe another apology?  LOL 

🍿Spoiler Free for first 18:26
Thanks to Listener of the Week Francis we are talking about Dredd this week.  DJ gets into the 3D version and the 4K UHD version.
Which is better?
Hows the sound in 3D?
Hows the Atmos on the 4K?
Where can you find a 3D version?
all these questions answered and more!  Check it out! 

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