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Bright Side Home Theater has released 109 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2019

This week DJ asks the question; Is Godzilla: King of the Monsters the greatest Home Theater Movie?  Hows the Picture?  The HDR?  How is the Sound?  Does the Atmos live up to the hype?  How much of a role does the sound play in this movie?  All that and so much more! To find out his answers just Push Play

This week DJ breaks down the action thriller Atomic Blonde in 4K  for the Home Theater.  Also, wedged in there with Listener Comments and Scenes of the week, DJ's Spoiler Free initial impressions of The Snyder Cut.  A jam packed show this week so just Push Play and enjoy...

PODCAST Time Stamps
  • Movies and Scenes- 7:04 
  • Listener Comments- 9:33
  • Snyder Cut SPOILER FREE- 23:24
  • Two Towers Trailer- 29:48 
  • Spoiler Free Comments- 32:58
  • Scene Reviews- 38:35

This week DJ gets back into the Lord of the Rings 4K Extended Edition Set and breaks down The Two Towers part ONE.  Also Listener comments, Movies & Scenes and more Home Theater fun. 

Time Stamps

  • Movies and Scenes- 3:25 
  • Listener Comments- 5:28 
  • Two Towers Trailer- 12:15 
  • Spoiler Free Comments- 15:25 
  • Scene Reviews- 19:55

DJ is joined again by Tom Andry of AV Rant & AV Gadgets website and this time they talk about the expected differences between the upcoming Snyder Cut and Joss Whedon's Justice League.  Opinions and tangents GALORE!  

And be sure to check out the entire podcast episode on YouTube by clicking HERE

A lot of fun and exciting stuff in this weeks Podcast!  DJ has some new and exciting Bright Side Home Theater news.  He goes on a little bit of a rant.  He points out a contradiction that is actually 100% accurate. And of course DJ breaks down the latest giant monster movie in our countdown to Godzilla vs Kong.  

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