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Comic Talk Today has released 527 episodes since launching on Mar 03, 2018

Comic Talk Today is back with a new episode in a series Martin is calling, The Rant. For this first rant, Martin tackles the question, is DC Rebirth dead? With the recent Justice League announcements, Martin revisits some thoughts that have been floating around his head about the move away from the premise of Rebirth and how Dark Knights Metal is the new direction of the DC universe. What has happened to Geoff Johns? Is Snyder the new creative mind for DC? All this and more, on Comic Talk Today!

In today's episode of Comic Talk Today, Martin brings you a brief part of the DC Publishers Panel from WonderCon 2018. Much of the information we got from the panel was information we already had about DC Zoom, INK, Black Label, and the Sandman Universe, but Scott Snyder came on the panel to discuss the future of the Justice League post Metal and No Justice and how that will affect the core team, the spinoff titles, the Titans and more. Let us know what you think about the new information!

It was a great comic book reading week so it's time for another edition of Top Of The Pile in which Martin discusses some of his favorite reads of this past week. First up, Martin briefly recaps last week's picks and whether he enjoyed them before moving on to a surprisingly heavy Marvel reading week in which he gushes about Dept. H #24, Ninja-K #5, Babyteeth #9, Cable #155 and The Mighty Thor #705. Plus, a surprise bonus pick!

At long last (ok it's only been a week), the premiere of Therapy Thursday on Comic Talk Today! Therapy Thursday is a freer format for the show in which Martin and a guest will be able to dive deep into the latest comic book news and just let the conversation guide the episode. For this first installment, Aaron Bell from the Absolute DC Podcast joins Martin with a discussion that really goes places! From the future of the Justice League, to why Bryan Hill is one of our favorite up and coming writers, to how to have a great time at a convention, this is an episode you don't want to miss!

It's Monday so it's time to catch up on the weekend's comic book news on an all new episode of Comic Talk Today! In this episode, Martin toughs out the flu to discuss Jorge Jimenez taking over art duties on the soon to be relaunched Justice League, long time Jonah Hex writer, Michael Fleischer, passes away, more DC/Hannah Barbera crossover books coming our way, the possible return of Batman and the Outsiders, and of course, some reactions on the Infinity War trailer. 

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