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Join Martin three to five imes a week as he dives deep into what's going on in the comic book industry from comic to movies and tv to deep dive discussions on topics that matter.

Comic Talk Today is hosted by Martin Ferretti and produced by Martin Ferretti. You can support this show by visiting our merch store , directly though Patreon, or feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

Comic Talk Today has released 127 episodes since launching on Feb 02, 2018

Martin returns with an all new episode of Comic Talk Today and this time, it's time to discuss the news. On this episode, Martin discusses some changes over at Valiant Entertainment, and a newly announced Marvel title that has him very excited before diving into the meat of the show. First up, what the Avengers: Endgame trailer says about the plot of the film and the possible future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, why Crisis On Infinite Earths being next year's CW Arrowverse crossover is fantastic news, and what is TKO Studios and what have they done to have Martin devote 15 minutes of the episode to their publishing strategy? Tune in and find out!

It's time for another installment of Top Of The Pile on Comic Talk Today as Martin discusses some of his favorite books from last week's new comic book day. In this episode, Martin dives deep into Self/Made #1, Batman #60, The Freeze #1, Winter Soldier #1, Shazam! #1 and Doomsday Clock #8. Plus stay tuned to the end for some recommendations on books coming on December 12!

As you will no doubt have heard by now, Netflix recently cancelled Daredevil, not long after having announced the cancellation of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Were the shows underperforming? Did people just not care to watch the shows anymore? Is there something else going on here? Tune in and listen as Martin goes through a brief history of these Marvel TV deals and why the writing has always been on the wall on the latest episode of Comic Talk Today. 

It's time for another edition of Top Of The Pile on Comic Talk Today as Martin runs down some of his favorite books from last week's new comic book day. In this episode, The Warning #1, Ironheart #1, Hex Wives #2, DC Nuclear Winter Special, and Heroes In Crisis #3. Plus stay tuned for some recommendations for tomorrow's new comic book day including Snap Flash Hustle #1, LaGuardia #1, Die #1, Freeze #1, Prodigy #1, and Breakneck #1. 

On this episode of Comic Talk Today, Martin premieres a new recurring segment, Throwback Thursday! Throwback Thursday will highlight some older titles Martin hasn't read in a while and what better way to kick off this nostalgia trip than by talking about Malibu's Ultraverse! Martin kicks things off with a little history of the Ultraverse and how it came to be before diving into the first three titles of the imprint: The Strangers #1, Hardcase #1 and Prime #1. 

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