Indie Alley

Indie Alley, an amalgam of independent comic books and indie wrestling discussion. The combination you never realized you needed with co-hosts, Andrew G. & Fred E. joined weekly by special wrestling commentator Joey Bag of Doughnuts.

Indie Alley is hosted by Andrew and Fred and produced by Andrew. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @indiealley, by sending us an e-mail.

Indie Alley has released 85 episodes since launching on Aug 08, 2018

Andrew's back from Cali and it's time to talk comics. This week we are featuring Usagi Yojimbo, Bad Mother, James Bond, That Texas Blood, Bleed Them Dry, and Lost Soldiers.

Joey introduces some new donut flavors. With topics like. The Greatest tag-team, Deadly Draw, NJPW Strong, and what's up with the mid-card.  

We fight through faulty internet to bring another heart-pounding (It's not heart-pounding) action-packed episode to you this week on Indie alley. With an advanced look at Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia - Galact-O-Massacre. Discussions about Chu, The Resistance, Old Guard Force Multiplied, and North Bend. 

Then it's Lucha time with 6 freshly baked takes from El Rey de Justice. The Donut man. Joey D. lots of woman 's wrestling, GCW, Talking Shopamania, & Wrestlehouse. 

Episode 3 of The Marking Out Podcast. Lots of wrestling comic book news, Warhausan, Tales from the Road, and Planet Wrestltopia.

 Then I give my impression of the TPB Strongman Vol 1 by Charles Soule, Alan Gladfelter, Shawn De Pasquale,  Paul Adam

A generational clash this week. Are we old and out of touch Joey Donuts thinks so? 

We open the show talking about Old Guard, the new Macfarlane Doc, and Extraction.  Then it's on to 6 books we enjoyed. Fred was into Red Border, No Heroine, and It Eats What Feeds It. While Andrew liked Sacred Six, Die! Die!Die!, and Archangel 8. 

Then Joey rolls like Orange Cassidy with zero entry but plenty of sass for the old out of touch guys who don't like 6 man tags.

Episode 2 of The Marking Out Podcast. Finally, I have returned. Join me for an in-depth look at Ben Grim's time in The UCWF. Scraps with The Grapplers, Deadpool, and others. Also, I look back at one of my favorite comics Marvel Two-In-One Annual Vol 1 #7 Champion.

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