Indie Alley

Indie Alley, an amalgam of independent comic books and indie wrestling discussion. The combination you never realized you needed with co-hosts, Andrew G. & Fred E. joined weekly by special wrestling commentator Joey Bag of Doughnuts.

Indie Alley is hosted by Andrew and Fred and produced by Andrew. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @indiealley, by sending us an e-mail.

Indie Alley has released 73 episodes since launching on Aug 08, 2018

Coming off a PPV weekend the Indie Alley crew is ready to roll with piles of comics to discuss. Including Madcave's wrestling comic Over the Ropes. Then it's Kickstarter time with  Mashbone & Grifty: Open for Biz - Volume 1.

All of that would make a solid show. We are not done though as we look back at AEW Revolution and bounce around the wrestling world playing the greatest hits of the week. 

Our Jam-packed end of the month show. We may have got carried away.  More comics and wrestling than you can stand. All this week on Indie Alley.

lot's of great comics this week. Two trades and a bunch of floppies are discussed this week. Then we send a lot of love to NWA and their new show Squared Circle. all this week on Indie Alley.

Happy Valentines! On this episode, XFL & Locke & Key. Comic books Gideon Falls, Vampironica, Heist, & Farmhand to name a few. 

Then it's on to wrestling. What's up with Matt Hardy. NWA & AEW & Andrew admits his fantasy team is crap.

Those hips don't lie, and either do we. while Fred's ready to stomp some fanboys. we still manage to spotlight some excellent comics this week. Killidelphia, Undiscovered Country, Olympia and many more. 

Later Joey joins us for a look at the world of wrestling and the results of the first week of our AEW Fantasy league.

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