Indie Alley

Indie Alley, an amalgam of independent comic books and indie wrestling discussion. The combination you never realized you needed with co-hosts, Andrew G. & Fred E. joined weekly by special wrestling commentator Joey Bag of Doughnuts.

Indie Alley is hosted by Andrew and Fred and produced by Andrew. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @indiealley, by sending us an e-mail.

Indie Alley has released 85 episodes since launching on Aug 08, 2018

After a brief hiatus, we have returned. With no new comics, we use this time to highlight a bunch of Boom Studios and Darkhorse titles in a unique and entertaining way. 

Short and Sweet. DC Comics finds other means of distribution. Boom Studios Signs a Deal with Netflix. Black Wednesday and this week's AEW Dynamite.  

Man do we talk a lot. Join us for this jam-packed episode filled with the quality comic book discussion you've grown to expect from Indie Alley. Some of the books we hit include No One's Rose. Heartattack, Once Future, Killadelphia, & Manowar XO. 

Then into the wrestling talk. We look back at Wrestlemania, The end of The XFL, FTR, and The Brawl for All. As if that wasn't enough then Andrew goes deep into Joshi, and we present the sweet 16 of our Matness Tournament Bracket. It's overstuffed. So pour yourself a double and settle in. We've gone mad!

Some of our last batch of new comics (gotta save some for next week). Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe, and the next round of our March Mattness Tournament. 

Week two of self-isolation. So Fred's read a lot of comics, and continue our March Mattness Tourny. 

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