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Every other week, Martin, D'Juan, and Travis gather together to discuss the latest coming out of the Valiant Comics universe. No reviews, just hard core discussion on books that we love.

Valiant Central Podcast is hosted by Martin Ferretti , D'Juan Hammonds and Travis Williams and produced by Martin Ferretti. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @valiant_central, by sending us an e-mail.

Valiant Central Podcast has released 189 episodes since launching on Jan 01, 2015

You know what time it is, it’s time to get our Valiant discussion on, this time with a special unscheduled episode discussion the latest movie news…you did know that Sony and Valiant are doing Blooding and Harbinger movies right? Don’t worry, we’re already waiting in line for our movie tickets.

We also discuss a few listener questions including one of our favorite questions of all time: “Cast the Harbinger movie, using only individuals who are currently members of Valiant podcasts.” Serious? Yup!

Another week is in the can which means it’s time to get ready for the weekend with a fresh episode of the Valiant Central Podcast! This week, Paul and Martin are joined by Ross Kearney, co-owner of Coast City Comics in Portland, Maine to get a fresh perspective of the industry from the retailer’s side. Ross also works at ComicLink, an online auction house dealing with high-end comic books. We discuss some of the recent resurgence of interest in the classic Valiant titles, the speculator market, and how it’s all affecting the market for current titles. We also discuss the role of digital books and variant covers and their effect on the traditional comic book shop.

Get in touch with us! Paul is @whospaul and I am @Valiant_Central on Twitter. Also, feel free to send us email feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget to swing by the Valiant Database to get tons of info on EVERY Valiant comic. See you next week!

For our twelfth episode we have a massive podcast convergence (err…ok, wrong publisher) as Mr. Darrell Taylor from the Valiant Podcast, and the Taylor Network of Podcasts joins Paul and I on a very special episode of the Valiant Central Podcast!

In this episode, we discuss the history of the Valiant Podcast and Darrell’s network, and dive into some of our favorite Valiant moments. We also learn about what it’s like to be really passionate about something you love, especially when it comes to comics. This episode is a long one (and may have some profanity), but we had a blast.

Darrell is @TheVoice123, Paul is @whospaul and I am @Valiant_Central on Twitter. Also, feel free to send us email feedback

Welcome to another episode of the Valiant Central Podcast, bring you real talk, and interviews from fans just like you!

This week, Paul and I are joined by site contributor and Valiant superfan Amy Okamoto and we talk a little bit about some of favorite female characters at Valiant.

Then, we are joined by Harbinger and Imperium writer Joshua Dysart and have a great discussion on his work at Valiant, his work aboard, the World Food Program, and get many of the questions that were submitted to us answered. A huge thanks to Josh for joining us this week, we really enjoyed having him on. If you’d like to skip directly to the interview section, fast forward to about minute 18.

We’re all on Twitter so find us there. Josh is @JoshuaDysart, Amy is @amymystery, Paul is @whospaul and I am @Valiant_Central. Be sure to check out Josh’s website for images and videos of his recent trip to the Middle East. Until next week, Stay Valiant!

This week, Paul and I are joined by Chris from the VCR podcast, and Tyler from to discuss the evolution of Harbinger into what has become Imperium.

We take particular interest in the relationship between Harada, Peter, and the Bleeding Monk, and how this trio has shaped those around him, and themselves – and of course, there was Sunlight on Snow talk. If you haven’t read Harbinger or aren’t up to date on Imperium, this should be a great primer you, and older fans may find some food for thought. Next week, we will be talking to Joshua Dysart himself about these books so it starts here!

You can find Chris on the Valiant Comics Review and the Canadian Valiant Fan Club. Tyler is the Editor-in-Chief over at All-Comic, be sure to follow his great work there.

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