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“What Did You Watch This Week?” is a weekly podcast were your hosts talk about the televisions shows, movies, and trailers that they watched this week. This encompasses not only new shows or movies but past favorites and re-runs they may have watched or even short runs series you can only find on Netflix, HULU or DVD.

What Did You Watch This Week is hosted by Michael Labbe and John Spier and produced by John Spier. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

What Did You Watch This Week has released 234 episodes since launching on Mar 03, 2016

Welcome back everyone, to the podcast that promises a cure to absolutely no diseases if you listen!  This week Westworld returned, and as eager as the guys were to dive back into Delos, they decided to hold themselves back and give a full week in between episodes to alleviate the fear of spoilers.  So tune in to next week's episode for our talk about Season 2 Episode 1, and in the meantime, come listen to the usual ponderings on this week's gems like Flash and Agents of SHIELD.

Welcome back true believers!  This week Mike and John dive into the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, and the return of The Flash, while talking about the highs and lows of these superhero shows. the guys also laugh it up about their favorite moments from Superstore and LA to Vegas, go over some news items, and talk a bout another strong and very enjoyable Timeless.  Come sit by the fire* and have a listen to us chat! (*fire not actually included)

Welcome back true believers, to the podcast that fills your ears with random facts and silly opinions about shows and movies and trailers and stuff!  this week Mike and John discuss the harrowing trip Legends of Tomorrow has made during its 3 years on TV, break down some of the funniest moments of Superstore and LA to Vegas, and dig into another great episode of Timeless.  Come sit by the fire* and have a listen!  (*fire not actually included)

Welcome back everyone!  This week we were lighter on the shows, but just as heavy on the conversation.  We dig into the penultimate episode of this season of Legends of Tomorrow, an excellent (yet super creepy) Blacklist, and we digest the entire second season of Santa Clarita Diet.  Mike also finally got around to the last 2 episodes of This is Us, so we go all retrospective on that, and John watched 2 movies he was looking forward to, and they sorely disappointed him.

Episode 105 got held up in committee, dragged through an unnaturally long arbitration process, was rerouted through the oversight bureau, and then promptly subjected to a 87% audit of fiscal responsibilities.  rest assured however, it is finally here in all its glory to pleasure your ear holes!

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