What Did You Watch This Week

“What Did You Watch This Week?” is a weekly podcast were your hosts talk about the televisions shows, movies, and trailers that they watched this week. This encompasses not only new shows or movies but past favorites and re-runs they may have watched or even short runs series you can only find on Netflix, HULU or DVD.

What Did You Watch This Week is hosted by Michael Labbe and John Spier and produced by John Spier. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us by sending us an e-mail.

What Did You Watch This Week has released 235 episodes since launching on Mar 03, 2016

Episode 105 got held up in committee, dragged through an unnaturally long arbitration process, was rerouted through the oversight bureau, and then promptly subjected to a 87% audit of fiscal responsibilities.  rest assured however, it is finally here in all its glory to pleasure your ear holes!

Welcome back fans!  Bring it in for another fun-filled lesson from Mike and John on what shows are worth a watch this week, and which ones just didn't quite make the grade.  This week we talk about some fun ones like Superstore and LA to Vegas, and dig into Constantine's return to Legends of Tomorrow.  The guys also discuss the final 2 episodes of The X Files this season, and what the future may hold for the series, as well as the interest of your hosts.  Pop a squat and listen for a bit!

Welcome back to our crazy little podcast!  This week John and Mike rejoice as Timeless returns to television, and man does it continue to impress!  The guys also dig down into a fairly weak episode of Flash, an ok episode of Legends of Tomorrow, and some fun showings from Superstore and LA to Vegas.  We also weigh in on the new show Deception, and John has a shocking realization about Mike missing out on a phenomenal show from the recent past.  The episode is topped off with a frank discussion of the entirety of Jessica Jones Season 2.  Come have a listen!

Welcome back everyone, to the 102nd annual (not at all annual) episode of the podcast that helps you justify your unhealthy binge watching habits.  This week Mike and John cover one of the best episodes of The Flash this season, debate one of the weaker episodes of Legends, and downright groan at the first real misstep for Lethal Weapon since it began (I know, crazy, right?)  In additions, the guys laugh at some LA to Vegas and Superstore, and hold off on discussing anything to do with Jessica Jones second season until they are both caught up and feeling good about it.  Come take a gander at our gabbing!

Welcome back listeners!  This week the guys have their plates full of delicious, mediocre, and some downright nasty shows (we're looking at you, Arrow!)  Come sample the buffet with Flash, X-Files, The Detour, and Superstore.  Don't fill up on the appetizers tho, because Mike lays out a nice spread with Cardinal and John tempts your taste buds with another push for iZombie.  All this, plus more on the most recent episode of our 100% USDA certified fresh podcast!

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