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The Bright Side Comics Chat is hosted by John and DJ and produced by DJ. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @BrightSide_Chat, by sending us an e-mail.

The Bright Side Comics Chat has released 201 episodes since launching on Oct 10, 2018

🎒Today DJ chats about his latest trip out into the world in support of comics.  He also talks about the symbiotic relationship businesses have and tries to come up with some ideas to help Comic book stores through this time.   

🎒This morning DJ chats with Martin from Apotheosis Comics & Lounge in St Louis.  Martin brings a fresh uplifting perspective and some great ideas for all of us.  This really is a must listen, so glad and thankful Martin took some time out to chat. 

🎒Welcome to the first "Morning Comics" episode of the Bright Side Chat.  Today DJ talks to Ernie the Co Owner of Friendly Neighborhood Comics about the effects the Corona Virus Pandemic is having on the Comic Industry.  They talk about not only what stores can do to help themselves but also how the customers can help as well.  

🎒John and DJ couldn't wait to get to the store to take their minds off of, well, the real world.  But they had to start out with the obvious and touch on the Corona Virus and all that its touched in the entertainment world.  But they have fun, make some jokes and get into a few pretty good books and even a little Kryptonite Key Club time talking about Star Wars #4.

John and DJ chat this week about what very well could be the greatest comic book movie of all time.  But could it be even better?  Are there any flaws?  What does the R rating really mean and how does that effect the movie making process.  What do you think?

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